The Telling Stories: project was started in 2011, and is directed and curated by Cathryn Kemp. The exhibitions, and related events and performances, showcase exciting commissions by multi-disciplinary artists from Hastings and Margate in a form of creative and cultural exchange. Telling Stories: aims to bring contemporary art to the coastal communities, both of which are undergoing regeneration led by the arts, and by doing so develop into a touring project creating cultural partnerships across Kent, Sussex and the South East.

Telling Stories: Hastings is the second curated exhibition. The first was Telling Stories: Margate 2011 at Marine Studios. Both exhibitions involve artists whose practice is strongly linked with either town.

Telling Stories: Hastings is currently at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery, running from 22 September, 2012, to 13 January, 2013. The practitioners have developed new works under the umbrella concept of ‘telling stories’ in a bid to engage wide audiences and broach the intellectual and metaphysical space between artist, viewer and art object. The artists share their stories in the hope that the viewer immerses into the storytelling with their own narrative interplay.

The Tale of Mr Ferguson and Dorothea: A Walking Tour

Mark Dumbrell in collaboration with Samantha Cawson

Concerned with the notions of community engagement, still life performance, fictional histories and story telling a narrated walking tour around Hastings has been put into place. On five occasions Mr A. Ferguson has altered Dorothea’s life and this is a project of their story. Follow the directions of artist and collector, Samantha Cawson and MargatePhotoFest Director, Mark Dumbrell to uncover and materialise the plot and characters. A most curious tale indeed!

Download the Mr Ferguson Trail Booklet