ww2_children_play_gas_masksEver fancied curating your own exhibition? From planning through to an evening public opening – try your hand at organising, interpreting, and installing an exhibition in a single day! The exhibition will be inspired by the hidden treasures in the Moray House School of Education archive collection. Museum professionals from the University of Edinburgh will guide you through the day, sharing their own individual expertise and knowledge in this field….

“Before deciding upon a career in conservation I was working mainly as an artist and curator concerned with the interpretation and exploration of objects with a passion for community engagement. I was thrilled to be able to discover the Moray House School of Education archival collection and help others to appreciate and handle it correctly. The collection has some wonderfully insightful information regarding education in Edinburgh during the early 20th century with so many stories waiting to be discovered. My main role of the day was to assist CRC staff and those taking part, however I became just as absorbed with the collection as our innovative learners! Because we had to sift through such a large number of interesting documents it was very difficult to know what to include within the exhibition, and how to best tell the story of the nursery school. Nevertheless by the end of the day we had all became familiar with our chosen assortment of documents and objects giving us the confidence to forge ahead with how we wanted others to view them. It was great to see so many people engaging with the collection in this way and learning from it too!” Samantha Cawson, Centre for Research Collections Conservation Intern.

To learn more about the ‘Innovative Learning Week’ workshop run by Centre for Research Collections staff (and myself!) please look at The University of Edinburgh conservation blog.