A gal has a period every month. EVERY MONTH. Some women don’t have enough money to purchase sanitary products EVERY MONTH, and this can get pretty stressful, uncomfortable, and damn right annoying. I’ve calculated that for less than a £1 a woman can be supplied with sanitary products (5 sanitary pads + 2 panty liners + 7 tampons) and a chocolate bar to make EVERY MONTH a little less stressful…

Sanitary products aren’t a luxury, they are essential to female well-being, hygiene and happiness, which many of us take for granted. Go With The Flow believes that periods are everyone’s problem (humankind wouldn’t exist without them!) and so I also call upon the boys to donate too.

28 period packs will be distributed every month to South East London’s food bank starting from Dec 2016.

Donate here…Go on it’s bloody important!